Will they survive or will they die? When Phillip first finds himself shipwrecked with Timothy, he is mouthy and irresponsible. 30 seconds . Already a member? What happened to Timothy after the storm? Favorite Answer. Timothy ties Phillip to the tree, then he tied himself behind Phillip so Phillip would be protected as much as possible from the storm. 1 Day. Timothy dies after being injured and losing consciousness during a storm. After his rescue from the Cay in La Boca del Diablo, Phillip was reunited with his parents. SURVEY . Before his death, he had provided Phillip with enough preparation to survive alone, which Phillip did for almost two months after Timothy's death due to Timothy's him shielding Phillip from the tempis. Soon he learns to accept Timothy’s teaching and take responsibility. Sequel to: The cay. When it picked up Phillip Enright and his mother in Curaçao, of what were then the Netherlands Antilles, they were fleeing to their native Virginia. What did Timothy and Phillip hear when they were in the raft? Phillip had come, since Timothy's life, to consider Timothy a guardian angel with whom he could sometimes speak, but his mother thought this idea was foolish. What dangers did Phillip face by going on the reef? 300. Who did Stew Cat belong to? his nerves. In the year 52, Paul and Silas took Timothy along with them on their journey to Macedonia.Augustine extols his zeal and disinterestedness in immediately forsaking his country, his house, and his parents, to follow the apostle, to share in his poverty and sufferings. I was sad that Timothy had to die on a beautiful island called the devil's mouth. Timothy became St Paul’s disciple, and later his constant companion and co-worker in preaching. With James Earl Jones, Alfred Lutter III, Gretchen Corbett. A sheen of sweat coated Timothy's supple body, making it look oiled. They come on a plane How does Philip get reunited with his family? The Cay chapter 5 to 8 comprehension. He did so reluctantly, suspecting that a violent storm, or "tempis'," might strike. Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! They are worried that rescue will be harder because of its location, but Timothy is optimistic. Phillip's dad doesn't die in the war, but he does stay on the island out of duty to his country while the rest of his family leaves. answer choices . 400. 1 decade ago. Timothy yelled “Sharks!” and grabbed Phillip from the water pulling him up onto the raft, but as he did so Timothy fell in the water. Timothy in The Cay. Malaria breeds mostly in warmer climates, where there is an abundance of humidity and rain. And one did, sinking the Hettie Redd with all hands let alone him and drowning all its passengers in spite of all he did to ensure their survivals. Philip thought that someone had found the cay and was going to rescue them, but Timothy was concerned and said that it was the sea making the noise, indicating that there was a tremendous storm coming. 2. 3. By Theodore Taylor. How were Timothy’s eyes becoming Phillip’s eyes? Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. Timothy How does Philip get reunited with his family? In The Cay, Stew Cat is stranded with Phillip and Timothy on a cay, or island. [1] So, Phillip and Timothy worked and prepared getting ready for the storm that could wipe them out in instants. He finally hears his parent’s voice for the first time ever since the Hato (the ship that he was on when a German U-boat torpedoed it). Who is the cook. If a boat tried 2 come in it would get a hole in it and fill up with water. Study Flashcards On Timothy of the Cay Chapter 18,19,20,21 at Cram.com. Then there are the sacrifices Timothy makes to protect Phillip on the cay… This book was named "one of the greatest books for children" by Students Across America (SAA) in 2011. I liked the ending it was suspenseful. In chapter nine of The Cay,Phillip finally changes his mind about Timothy. SURVEY . Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Are you a teacher? In chapter seven of ''The Cay,'' Phillip and Timothy explore the island. Find out what happens in our Chapter 17 summary for The Cay by Theodore Taylor. The Cay is a teen novel written by Theodore Taylor.It was published in 1969. Holding a master's license in the name of "Timothy Gumbs" (he would think of himself simply as Timothy, without a family name, for his entire life) by this time, he renamed this schooner the Hannah Gumbs, as he had always intended. What did Phillip want to take home from the fire after he was rescued? Did you know? 300. They said of it: "This novel is about the life of Timothy and Philip after their ordeal on the cay. It is a prequel for Timothy and a sequel for Phillip to the 1969 novel The Cay. What point of view is The Cay written in? While thrashing about near Phillip, Timothy managed to pull himself back onto the raft and scolded Tags: ... magikarp island. Answer: A skate Question: What illness did Timothy get? The storm. We’ve discounted annual subscriptions by 50% for our End-of-Year sale—Join Now! Nevah hab I seen dis cay.” Then he led me to sit under a clump of bushes. How did Timothy die? Phillip still hates bieng blind but and Timothy does too.Phillip is scared because he thinks that Timothy will die or he will chuck Stew cat of the island and Phillip will be alone. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Timothy: How does Philip get reunited with his family? Sequel to: The cay. Timothy. Davil's Mouth. Previous Next . It was in the devils mouth which prevented large boats from coming in. What is the Devil's Mouth. 300 Who did Stew Cat belong to? APRIL 1886—In sultry late spring, Timothy was rowing Charlie Bottle's boat, laden with the grass they'd cut on Thatch Cay—which wasn't really a cay at all; fresh water was beneath its soil. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Q. Timothy uses himself as a shield, placing Phillip between his body and the tree. p. cm. The operation was a success, restoring most of Phillip's vision, though he would always need eyeglasses from that day forward. What did Timothy do to get noticed? Quiz Which part did Phillip get bit on his arm by the eel? Stew Cat The cast of characters in The Cay is short, so we would be remiss not to mention the beloved Stew Cat.Like Phillip and Timothy, Stew Cat is a refugee from the S.S. Hato, where he belonged to the cook.As a castaway, he Top subjects are Literature, History, and Social Sciences. Start studying The Cay. Most of the events in The Cay follow the sinking of the Hato. Timothy is eventually killed by a hurricane which sweeps across the cay. answer choices He got weakened by the hurricane. Sometimes the way you think and feel about a person when you first meet them changes drastically over time. Though he lives for a few moments after the storm, Timothy eventually dies; his body is cut, bruised, and bleeding from the wind and debris. The story describes how, after the captain of the Hettie Redd died, Timothy was asked to bring his body back for burial as temporary captain of the Hettie Redd. If you like adventurous books, this is the one for you. Did you know? 2. Why did Timothy warn Phillip not to put his hand in the water? They flew to New York, where the surgeon from New York Presbyterian who could perform the operation was based. I would give "The Cay" a 9.99976 % rating it is my favorite book ever. Timothy is old and could die and leave Phillip alone: How old is Timothy really? Summary: Having survived being blinded and shipwrecked on a tiny Caribbean island with the old black man, Timothy, twelve- year-old white Phillip is rescued Why would the enemy attack an oil refinery during a war? If a boat tried 2 come in it would get a hole in it and fill up with water. Timothy of the cay/Theodore Taylor. “The Cay” Renee Armitage 5th The Cay by Theodore Taylor .Phillip Enright is a young 11 year old boy living on a small island named Curacao in the middle of a war with the Germans .In this novel there are many hidden messages one of which is that you don’t live by sight. Timothy (Greek: Τιμόθεος; Timótheos, meaning "honouring God" or "honoured by God") was an early Christian evangelist and the first Christian bishop of Ephesus, who tradition relates died around the year AD 97.. Timothy was from the Lycaonian city of Lystra in Asia Minor, born of a Jewish mother who had become a Christian believer, and a Greek father. Answer: Timothy thinks he might die. 400 What part of Phillip's eyes were damaged when he went blind? Timothy Timothy is the kind-hearted West Indian man who saves Phillip's life again and again. His mother, Grace Enright, continued to think of him as a child of age 10 for a long while, even after he was told that an operation could be performed that might restore his vision, but her husband, Phillip Enright Sr, endorsed their son's decision to have that surgery. What is old age and the hurricane. ... Why couldn't Phillip play in the water? Tags: Question 4 SURVEY 30 seconds Q. According to Timothy of the Cay, Timothy had been abandoned as a baby at the residence in Back O' All where Hannah Gumbs, a former coal carrier turned washer-woman who reared him, was a squatter. Log in Sign up 14 Terms r_wilks The Cay Chapter 5-8 They have no claws. The first part talks about how Phillip was rescued from the Cay. In what place was the little cay the main character and Timothy and Stew cat were stranded on? Even though she was not Timothy's biological aunt, Timothy still referred to her as this. Does timothy die in the book The Cay? The storm has torn their clothes off. 300. It was about noon when Phillip heard bells for a moment Phillip though he was dreaming. When he tried to become a cabin boy on one ship, its captain took on a "bukra" boy instead because he was a negro (black person). Start studying The Cay Ch.5-8. How did Timothy die in the book The Cay? Summary: Having survived being blinded and shipwrecked on a tiny Caribbean island with the old black man, Timothy, twelve- year-old white Phillip is rescued and hopes to regain his sight with an operation. 30 seconds . What is the prequel-sequel to The Cay? He pulls him on the raft, rescues him from sharks, and shelters him from the hurricane. 37 Years. How do we know Phillip no longer feels uncomfortable around Timothy? The island is being stalked by German submarines that arrived during the nighttime and are targeting the area's oil refineries and tankers. During a terrible storm, Timothy ties Phillip to a tree as the waves crash over them. Hannah Gumbs died during the second of Timothy's first four years at sea. The theme to this story is making dreams a reality. What gave Phillip cause to laugh? He said, “You res’ easy while I pull d’raff more out of d’wattah. In The Cay, Stew Cat is stranded with Phillip and Timothy on a cay, or island. What is old age and the hurricane. Making his living as its "captain," Timothy gleaned an extensive enough knowledge of the sea to be able, in his last months, to help Phillip Enright survive on a cay in La Boca del Diablo, "the Devil's Mouth.".